Consumer Supported Agriculture

Consumer-supported agriculture, commonly referred to as a CSA model, is a system that connects the producer and consumers within the food system more closely by allowing the consumer to subscribe to the harvest of a certain farm or group of farms. It is an alternative socioeconomic model of agriculture and food distribution that allows the producer and consumer to share the risks of farming.The model is a subcategory of civic agriculture that has an over arching goal of strengthening a sense of community through local markets.In return for subscribing to a harvest, subscribers receive either a weekly or bi-weekly box of produce or other farm goods. This includes in-season fruits and vegetables and can expand to dried goods, eggs, milk, meat, etc.           Wikipedia

C&C Farm CSA

"Like having your own farm without getting dirty"

Most CSA's offer seasonal fruits and vegetables during regular growing seasons, while we at C&C know that good wholesome food is important all year long, we are making every effort to prolong the vegetable "season" while utilizing our aquaponics green house and hoop house. We are also able to supplement those leaner months with optional natural raised chicken and pork and soon we will be adding grass fed beef to your share! 

Our season starts in early April! Everything we raise is done so naturally, without chemicals. Our CSA members can expect to receive the freshest produce, eggs and meat the whole year. We are also able to offer milk, on site, plus we make some really delicious baked goods right here on the farm!

We live and grow in the Eureka Springs, Arkansas area and invite you to be a part of our farm so that you too can "eat clean", the way God intended!

Typical Crops Grown


Swiss Chard


Yellow Squash


Brussel Sprout

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CSA?
CSA is more than just a weekly delivery of produce. Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an important investment in your health, community, and local economy. It’s a partnership between farms and consumers that keeps independent businesses thriving, helps families eat seasonal, local produce, and charges farmers and consumers with the responsibility of building a strong, equitable food system.

How does it work?
In general, CSA farms sign up members from January-April, or until enrollment fills up (which can often happen as early as March)  for the years growing season and on through the winter months. New members pay for their share of vegetables up front and receive a weekly ($1500/yr) or bi-weekly ($750/yr) share of vegetables, fruits, eggs, herbs, jams and jellies, baked goods and meats (optional).

How can I tell if CSA is a good choice for me and my family?
Do you enjoy cooking at home, or want to learn? Do you like the flavors and challenges of seasonal eating? Would you enjoy trying new or rare foods. Is it important to you to eat clean, wholesome, non-chemical foods? Do you have a desire to help your local community? Then CSA would be great for you!

Do I get to choose the foods that are included in a CSA share?
Although, growing and harvesting is dependant on "seasons" and will determine what we have to offer at any given time, we will commit to a relationship with you to discover at least, the items you don't care for and not include these items in your basket.

How do I  select a farm?
Start by thinking deeply about what is important to you about joining a CSA. Everyone wants good, fresh food, but do you want primarily veggies? Or a farm that provides eggs, too, or meat? WE have both options available at C&C! Plus we offer milk, baked goods, cannned goods and more.
In addition to their high season shares, some farms employ season extension practices such as hoop houses or root cellars to offer early and late season shares. The longevity, content and delivery schedule for early and late season shares often varies significantly from farm-to-farm, C&C utilizes both a greenhouse and a hoop house to extend your season! Our plans extend to cover you for the entire year.

How do I get my food?
We will have designated pickup sites in Eureka Springs, Holiday Island, and Berryville (depending on enrollment), HOWEVER, if you pick your share up at the farm, you will have the option of some of the best raw milk ever! We are located at 3297 CR 317, Eureka Springs, Ar. Catch us on a good day and we'll give you a tour! 

How much food and what kind of food do I get? 
We are committed to making you happy! Your share is not an exact science, but we will work hard on providing enough fresh food for 1-2 people for a week/bi-week per share. This will include items from "Typical crops grown" section listed on the CSA page, plus to supplement leaner times, we will also be including C&C naturally-raised meat (chicken and pork, and we have begun raising beef), free-range chicken eggs, baked goods, jarred goods, and other great items! We also have Milk available at the farm!

CSA seems kind of pricey. Why should I pay a farmer up front instead of shopping at a grocery store?
CSA is so much more than a bag of groceries. When you think about the value of your CSA share, there’s a lot to consider. Buying directly from the farm means you are buying the very freshest, tastiest food. Vegetable varieties are grown for quality, flavor and diversity, You will get to try new vegetables and healthier varieties you can't even get at the local store. CSA helps you learn where your food comes from, see how  we provide food grown with organic methods and at a discounted price. We can even provide recipes on how to prepare it! When you join a CSA, you keep your food dollars local and support a small family farm. Becoming a CSA member means you’re joining a community of conscious eaters. Invest in good, clean food and the creation of a safe, community-based food system.

What is expected of a member?
Understand that each food has a season and your share will reflect what is currently being harvested. Please keep in mind, bounty or famine, it's all in God's hands, He determines the size of the blessing. 

What’s the next step? We have made it very easy. Just click on the "Join CSA" buttons you will find on the page or go to "The Store" Tab located at the top of the page. There is a button right here too!